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Data Analytics Excellence for Business Transformation

Embark on a transformative journey where data becomes a strategic asset.


Future Fit Leadership

Propel your leadership potential and elevate your organization to new heights.


Mastering High Impact Presentation Skills for Training & Consulting Excellence

From commanding the room to leaving a lasting impact, empower your team to excel in the art of communication.


LIFO® Practitioner Certification Workshop

Gain a competitive edge in the world of training and consultancy by mastering the Life Orientations® methodology.


Crafting Narratives for Success

Unlock the power of impactful storytelling in our training and consulting solutions.


Merging Strengths for Excellence

Witness the synergy of skills, knowledge, and innovation as we redefine organizational success through collaborative training and consulting.


Innovative Thinking System (ITS™)

Unleashing the creative power of your mind


Empowering Excellence, Transforming Futures

Global Training Network Alliances Sdn Bhd (GlobalTNA) – an established leader in Asia Pacific region providing a one-stop business solutions, dynamic competency-based assessment, management trainings and consulting services to organisations, businesses and individuals in the private, public and government authorities and sectors.

Our training, development and consulting exposure with close linkages and expertise in the various industries locally and internationally has enabled us to customize the delivery of programmes and workshops; ability to customize human capital solutions in line with our client’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Explore the possibilities with us. Discover how our expertise, personalized solutions and commitment to innovation can propel your organization to new heights.


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Exemplary Expertise in Training and Consulting

Benefit from a team of seasoned professionals offering unparalleled industry insights and innovative solutions.

Tailored solutions for your Organization

Our commitment to personalized strategies ensures seamless alignment with your organizational Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals.

Proven Success Across Diverse Industries

With a track record of success across various sectors, we bring a versatile and proven approach to meet your unique objectives.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

Stay ahead in a technology-driven world with our forward-thinking approach, leveraging the latest tools and platforms.

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Our Services

Exclusive Licensed Programmes & Tools
LIFO® Method
Innovative Thinking System™
Accountability Circles
Dialog Mat™
Information Mapping®
ACT-Centric Series
ACT-Centric Director
ACT-Centric C.E.O
ACT-Centric Senior Manager
ACT-Centric Manager
ACT-Centric Executive
ACT-Centric Supervisor
ACT-Centric Clerk
Experiential Teambuilding & Leadership
Level 1 Team Discovery Via Exploratory
Level 2 One Great Team
Level 3 Amazing High Performing Teams
Level 4 In the Amazon Survival of the Fittest
Level 5 The Corporate Warrior
Level 6 Strategy In Action
Level 7 Exploring New Frontiers
Coaching & Mentoring
Performance Coaching
Personal Effectiveness Coaching
Career Coaching
Professional Business Coaching
Professional Life Coaching
Group Coaching
Management Courses
The Skilled Manager/Executive/Supervisor
Customer Service
Behavioural Techniques
Human Resource Management
Sales & Marketing Management
Quality, Productivity, Safety & Health Programmes
Consulting & Facilitation
HR audit
Behavioral and Psychometric Profiling
Learning and Development Analysis & Framework
Competency Development
Succession Planning
Performance Management and KPI
Financial Management
Legal Advisory

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Elevate Your Organization with Global Training Network Alliances Sdn Bhd

Transform your workforce, empower your leaders, and propel your organization to new heights with Global Training Network Alliances. Discover bespoke training and consulting solutions designed to unlock the full potential of your team.

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