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Connecting Ideas to Implementation

Discover your mental model for successful innovation and become aware of obsolete and unconscious ways of thinking obstructing new innovative ideas and behaviors.

Generating Ideas
More ideas, more opportunities

Narrowing down ideas
Choose the best ideas with confidence

Polish & fine tune ideas
Create competitive proposals

Design implementation plans
Develop a feasible road-map

You can accelerate innovation in:

New Products, Technologies, Services Development

Future Business Models, Strategies, Plans, New Values Development

Ideas Generation, Projects Leading, Stake Holder Engagement

New Marketing Strategies, New Customer Development Methodology, Process Improvement Creation

Innovation and operational efficiency in organizations (one’s own and client organizations)

Solutions for Organizations

Engineering and R&D
Sales & Marketing
Production & Manufacturing
HR & Planning
Cross-Functional Team

Solutions for Individuals

Idea generation
Consensus building
Project management
Information gathering
Leadership development

Become a Certified PractitionerBecome a Certified Practitioner

And have a listen to the interview on the segment ‘Raise Your Game’ with LIFO’s Executive Master Practitioner, Mr. David Glowatzke.