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Methodology: Aims to break adult learning barriers

Gain Interest

Introduce New Ideas

Compare with past experience

Draw own conclusion

Generate Actions

Abandons mono-directional one-to-many communication; Forms 4 people per group Study Circle to immerse everyone within the topic

Allows Dialog Mats to play the role of the facilitator so facilitators become Internal Consultants.

Current Applications of Specifique Dialog Mat

Corporate Strategy

Vision Mission
Strategy Execution
Strategy Management
Corporate Transformation
Corporate Value
Corporate Culture

New Product

Product Re-launch
Product Positioning
Product Concept
Product Features


Brand Positioning
Brand Image
Brand Acceptance
Brand Communication


Market Transformation
Sales Techniques
Service Attitude
Sale Morale Boost

Other Topics

Business Planning
Financial Consulting
Six Sigma
Annual Report
Entrance Training
Annual Planner
Chain-store Management
Supplier Management
Retailer Management

Integrated Learning

Highly engaging

Imagery-based Dialog-based