LIFO® Training Helps People Manage Their Strengths & ACHIEVE MAXIMUM HIGH PERFORMANCE

LIFO® is short for Life Orientations. LIFO® Training focuses on strengths – on what’s right about leaders, teams, and individuals. It begins by identifying each person’s basic orientation to life and work. Based on this information, it offers powerful learning strategies for greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people, and more effective teamwork.

Key Principles of LIFO®:

We learn to behave in ways which seem best to satisfy our needs for self fulfilment. This behaviour pattern becomes our natural or ‘preferred’ orientation in work or life.

Our preferred orientation represents the source of strengths which when we are able to understand and develop them, can be even more productive.

When our strengths are carried out to excess, they can become counterproductive. 

The LIFO personal survey reveals our behaviour pattern in both normal circumstances and under stress or conflict conditions.

Through the LIFO model, we can release ourselves from those behaviours which frustrate our basic goal of self fulfilment

How LIFO® Works for You:
LIFO®Training helps you deal more effectively with people and problems in any of the three basic human situations:

You Individually—Personal Productivity

  • Identify your personal values, goals, strengths and excesses
  • Capitalise on your strengths to be more productive
  • Increase your behavioural versatility so you can be more effective in a wider range of situations

You with Another Key Person—Interpersonal Communication

--Learn new relationship strategies that will help you communicate more effectively with key people in your life.
--Improve communication even when the other person is not interested in working on the relationship


You and Others in Groups--TeamBuilding

--Identify and capitalise on the unique mix of strengths in a group
--Find out your own unique contributions in a group
--Learn to work more effectively with other group members whose approaches are different from yours

The LIFO® Strength Management Report

The LIFO® Strength Management Report adds a valuable dimension to training programmes. It reflects the way you like doing things and what makes you as successful as you are. This comprehensive feedback is powerful whilst being straightforward and indicates what you and others can do to enhance your success.

Topics covered in the LIFO® Report include:

Managing change; Working with direct reports & colleagues; Getting through to others; Potential blind spots and likely excesses; Your approach to marketing & sales; Aligning intentions, behaviour & impact; and more…..

LIFO® Certification Programme (Train-The Trainer)

We deliver -- and train trainers to deliver -- high-impact training programs in the following mission-critical areas.

The LIFO® Certification Programme consists of an intense 3-day programme which can be delivered both as public and in-house workshopsThe workshops will equip you as a coach and facilitator in the LIFO Method. You will be able to apply and teach the concepts and facilitate the learning activities associated with this powerful instrument.
The LIFO method opens up the opportunity to design and run a variety of programmes such as conflict resolution, leadership, time management, team building, selling skills and negotiation skills using LIFO as the common foundation.
After the program, you can consult our Master Trainers to design customized applications to meet even more specific needs. Trainers and consultants have used the LIFO® Method to enrich an enormous variety of applications and interventions, from strategic planning and performance appraisal to diversity training and change management.


LIFO® Method
A Global Phenomenon. More than eight million people in more than 28 countries have experienced the benefits of our training programs utilizing the unique and remarkable LIFO® Method.
From the Boardroom to the Shop Floor

  • Greater leadership initiative
  • More effective strategic planning
  • Fewer operational errors
  • Enhanced customer relations
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Better use of time and resources
  • Increased accountability
  • And much more

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